Social butterfly and eternal wild child, Emilia Connor has had life handed to her on a silver platter but her free ride is about to come to a screeching stop when she returns home to settle her father’s estate. Confident she is the sole heir to daddy’s fortune and his real estate empire, her hopes [...]

How far would you go to protect the ones you love? THENTen years ago, a covert government operation gone wrong separated Jack from Jessa, the girl he promised he would never leave.  NOWJack’s special forces team receives a tip, leading them to a remote farmhouse in search of a group of hackers led by the [...]

What would you give up for the one who makes you whole? Jayne I’m serving a five-year sentence as my mother’s puppet. She dangles the only thing I want in front of me and I have no choice but to obey. My father’s will states that I take possession of our family beach house on [...]