Willow buys into a poker game she knows she probably can’t win, but she’s got nothing to lose. Now, the cards are on the table and she’s in debt to the hosts of the card game who happen to be her old best friends from high school who have some deep, dark secrets of their [...]

Running from a past she doesn’t wish to return to, Ahna’s car breaks down on a deserted dirt road late at night on Halloween. What’s the worst that could happen? A chance meeting with Jake, a devilishly handsome stranger, offers Ahna a night neither of them will forget. Will she finally learn to expect the [...]

Nina Stinton is literally running for her life when a chance encounter with a controlling stranger offers her a night she will never forget. But what happens when she becomes the one he can never forget too? This is an erotic novelette and is part of the upcoming collection titled Bedtime Stories for Grown-ass adults. [...]

Successful businesswoman and secret submissive, Hannah Jensen is about to do something for herself. After years of putting her career first, she’s taking the chance at a discreet encounter. One that will allow her to unleash her true nature and experience her submission at the hands of a dominant stranger but not everything is as [...]

There is a silent strength in submission. This is the second book from Luna Kayne and includes a collection of poetry and prose, random thoughts and words with erotic themes including BDSM, domination, submission, bondage, discipline, etc. *below link to If outside US, search your Amazon site.

What would you give up for the one who makes you whole? Jayne I’m serving a five-year sentence as my mother’s puppet. She dangles the only thing I want in front of me and I have no choice but to obey. My father’s will states that I take possession of our family beach house on [...]